Free IEC 61131-3 PLC programming

Students can easily learn IEC 61131-3 PLC programming using a Windows PC, and build real projects using popular hardware as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

  • Fully featured IDE
  • Plug & play hardware
  • Usage examples
  • Expandable functionality

Version for Windows (170.5 MB)
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IDE programming features


IEC 61131-3 LD, ST, IL and FBD languages

Professional graphic and text editors.

  • IEC 61131-3 standard compliance
  • Full undo in textual and graphical editors
  • Modern and intuitive graphical edition
  • Simple integration with revision control (GIT, CVS, ...)

Advanced program simulation

Complete graphic and textual simulator, fully inside the IDE

  • Run one or several programs in step or continuous mode
  • Standard debugger features: step into/over, breakpoints, watch all variables
  • Graphical languages: allows to monitor links states, even when running in continuous mode
  • Manually set the simulated input variables, and monitor visually the simulated outputs.
C translator

IEC 61131-3 to C translator

The natural middle-step for modern PLC development and programming.

  • One button to translate to C, compile, upload and run the binary
  • Generates highly readable standard ANSI-C code
  • Flexible build process, adapts to the C toolchain compiler from your device
  • Efficient C code, in speed and space: flash memory requirements in the device as low as 20KB
On Hardware

Debug binary running in the PLC

On supported devices, it's possible to debug real-time on-hardware binary programs

  • Full featured Eclipse-based debugger, with same features as the Simulator
  • High level debugging: Step into/over, breakpoints, watch variables, all refer to your IEC-61131-3 code
  • Very efficient, you can even debug in continuous mode and monitor the links states (active/inactive) in graphical programs


The GEB IDE is based on Eclipse, the most used software development framework in the world. Altough complexity is initially hidden for starters, it has a complete range of modern tools required for large multi-person development projects.

  • Based on Eclipse IDE, easy to use and highly flexible
  • Import PLCOpen standard format
  • Use a local C cross-compiler or a remote compiler running on the target device
  • Integrates with any common software versioning (GIT, Subversion, CVS...)
  • Test suite included
  • Include external C libraries in your device

Ready to start? Download fully featured GEB IDE for free. No registration required.

Plug & play hardware

Windows PC

Windows PC

The easiest way to learn IEC 61131-3 PLC programming. Just install the GEB Automation IDE on your Windows PC and get started.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Turn the Raspberry Pi 2 into a real IEC 61131-3 programmable PLC. Learn how to set up the board, upload and run programs.



Get to know the popular Atmega processors using the Arduino Mega2560 R3. Learn how to set up the board, upload and run programs.

Usage examples

Getting started
  • 02/14/2016

Create an LD IEC 61131-3 program using the graphic editor, compile and run it in your Windows PC.

Raspberry Pi PLC
  • 01/14/2017

Compile, upload, run and debug an LD IEC 61131-3 program in Raspberry Pi 2 hardware.

  • 02/05/2016

Run/debug in Simulator (graphical programs). Check also debugging in the Simulator with IO vars.

On hardware debugging
  • 02/05/2016

Remotely debug a Linux based PLC using ssh. See also how to do debug via TCP server or the binary in the local device.

C libraries expansions

Expand PLC capabilities adding C libraries

GEB Automation IDE provides a flexible programming interface, allowing you to plug your own custom I/O library. In this way, variables accessible in your IEC 61131-3 programs can be mapped to hardware I/O or any communication mechanism. As an example, check the included sample device WIN_WITH_MODBUS, which shows how to add Modbus-over-TCP capabilities to your application.

Check the video that shows how a Modbus communication module can be integrated with our IDE. For detailed instructions go to Guide / Including extra libraries

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